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     American Home Water has a very unique niche in the water filtration business in Phoenix. We originally built our business over the first 20 years as a subcontractor, and have accumulated a customer base of over forty-thousand customers. Most of our sales now come as a result of referrals or from customers who upgrade from water filter units that in many cases are over twenty years old. We don't have a high marketing budget that only results in driving prices higher. We don't have sales commissions which gives us a competitive edge when competing for new customers. Most of our sales are made directly over the phone by the owners Tom Atkinson (cell 602-377-4761) or Tom Knapp (cell 602-339-1427 ) who each have personally led the installation of more than 10,000 systems in the Phoenix area.
     In fact, our competitors create business for us by educating consumers to the many benefits of soft water and reverse osmosis. Those who don't purchase immediately find us on the Internet and can't believe the price advantage when buying directly from us.
     We install water filter systems with time tested reliability and back them up with a free parts and labor warranty. So if there is a problem, it is our problem and not our customer's. Some of our competitors are more interested in building a service business than supplying equipment that will be trouble free for their customers.
     When American Home Water surveys your home for a water conditioner, we don't waste your time trying to talk you into buying. We recommend a system for your home and leave you with a quote. We know your time is valuable so we answer any questions you may have and leave. The process normally takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Over the years enough people call us back to keep us very busy because our prices are more than competitive and our installation and service expertise can not be matched anywhere.

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January 20th House Talk Radio Show On January 20th, Tom and Tom of American Home Water volunteered their time to be on KKNT 960 AM House Talk Radio Show with host Warren Raisanen to help greater Phoenix area homeowners with questions about Home Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Hot Water Heaters, and other home water systems.
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Benefits: Conditioned Water does make a difference!

How to choose a Water Softener That Lasts for 20 to 30 Years

     At American Home Water our philosophy is to provide potential customers with straight answers, so they can make informed decisions about their water conditioning purchase, without the stress of meeting with a sales rep. In fact, you never have to meet with a salesman or pay a sales commission. If your home requires a site survey we will send an actual installer to meet with you to explain just how a water system would be connected in your home, and leave you with a fair price quote to consider. This process normally only takes about ten minutes to complete.  Check out this link that explains the importance of having a installer survey your home rather than a salesman.
     American Home Water has hundreds of water softeners that were installed over 20 years ago and are still going strong.  Generally speaking, water softeners sold nationwide are designed for moderately hard water, but Arizona has extremely hard water. In truth, these water softeners will not last in Arizona because the water is two to three times harder here than water in other parts of the country. We replace GE and Kenmore softeners that are only five years old or less. Check out this link that relates to common problems with GE and Kenmore water softeners and a possible class action lawsuit. We have also seen these brands, when new right out of the box, that would not completely soften the water. If a customer needs assistance it is nearly impossible to get a knowledgeable person on the phone with these units, because they want to make money on a service call. At American Home Water you can always reach a knowledgeable person seven days a week because someone is always on call. At American Home Water we only recommend water conditioning equipment which has many years of trouble free operation in Arizona. Then we put a free extended parts and labor warranty on the water equipment so our customers don't have to worry about unexpected repair bills. All of our water softeners employ heavy-duty resins and time tested components designed to hold up in Arizona's harsh water environment for twenty to thirty years.
     As proof of our expertise, we have been installing water-conditioning systems throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area for over two decades and have developed a standing in the community as the company to trust. While most water companies use subcontractors we have full time employees to install all our own systems. Having won awards for consumer care, we not only have proudly installed 40,000 water softening systems in both residential and commercial environments, but as your one stop water technology source, we are a licensed, bonded and insured company that takes pride in serving our community. When choosing American Home Water as your Water Softener System or Reverse Osmosis System (RO) installer, you can rest in the knowledge that all of your questions will be answered and you are making a very wise investment.

Become an Educated Purchaser!

     With so many water-conditioning systems to choose from, our goal is to provide our customers with straight answers that help consumers make the right water conditioning decision. For that reason we proudly display our prices so potential customers can easily compare them with other companies.. Whether for a water softening or a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, if you're considering a water conditioning system, we‘ll help you make the right choice. In fact, we will provide answers to all your water conditioning questions so nothing is left to chance. As you explore our site, please note the array of helpful tips and information regarding various water conditioning subjects. (Links bar at Right). Plus, our highly trained team of experts provide high quality workmanship as well as being available to answer any of your water conditioner questions. Rather than making a hasty decision, you can feel secure with American Home Water, a company that has a perfect rating with the BBB as well as the Arizona Registrar of Contractors

What Makes American Home Water Different?

     When you call American Home Water, a real person will answer even on weekends and at night. And while most water conditioning companies rely on service to generate revenue, Culligan charges $110.00 for a service call, we try to eliminate service as much as we can. We provide phone support to our customers by knowledgeable techs to eliminate as much service as possible. We specialize in water conditioning equipment and our focus is on providing our customers with straight answers to their questions and providing the best service possible. We only recommend equipment with time tested reliability and back it up with long labor warranties so our customers are not hit with unexpected repair bills. American Home Water installs forty to seventy systems a week with the majority of our sales coming from referrals generated by our 40 thousand customers, a true testimony to our skill and the loyalty of our customers. Many of our customers have purchased as many as four or five systems as they move from home to home.
     We believe in providing potential customers with straight answers to their questions and installing the most maintenance free and longest lasting water systems available. American Home Water includes as standard what other companies charge extra for. A bypass valve and soft water hose bib are always included and we never cut corners when we install a water softener. The price we give you on the phone is the price you pay even if extra work is required. In an attempt to keep our prices the most competitive in the industry, we pay no sales commissions and we do very little marketing. Since we started American Home Water over two decades ago we have relied on word of mouth to bring in new customers and promote the business. We believe that by having low prices on Water Softener Systems or Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO) that use the highest quality components with a long history of reliability, and then backing them up with a long labor warranty is the best way to promote and grow our business. We are proud of the fact that American Home Water has the lowest prices possible, but if by chance you find an advertised price that is lower on comparable water softener equipment, we’ll be happy to match the price. In addition, we have access to almost all brands of equipment, so just contact us and we will do our best to provide you with the equipment you want as well as prices that meet your budget.

Check us out with the consumer reporting agencies

     Here is a link to the registrar of contractors that will take you to a search page where you can type in American home Water and click enter to review the page related to American Home Water. You can check us out at the Better Business Bureau with this link where we have an A+ rating. You can also call PORA if you live in Sun City at 623-214-1646 and ask about American Home Water. American Home Water has a spotless record with all the consumer reporting agencies. With well over 40,000 customers and over 2 decades in business the only complaints that we have ever received were because we subcontracted to dealers. When they received a complaint we were listed because we are a licensed contractor, even though the complaint had nothing to do with the installation. It is our policy to do everything in our power to resolve any issues with customers long before they get to the complaint phase.

Why Delay?

     Call us right now and talk to an experienced installer to learn more about having great tasting, environmentally safe water at every tap in your home. Call Tom Atkinson at 602-377-4761 or call Tom Knapp at 602-339-1427 for an installation quote and get ready for the finest in purified water. So, contact us and find out why American Home Water offers the finest water conditioning system in Phoenix, Arizona and discover why we have earned the distinction of being the best water conditioning experts in the area.

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